About the Center

Ron Poropatich
Executive Director, CMMR

Research that advances medicine for wounded service members—that’s the focus of the Center for Military Medicine Research (CMMR).

CMMR explores applications of regenerative medicine, reconstructive medicine, transplantation immunology, and neuroscience, including traumatic brain injury and neuroprosthetics, with the aim of getting innovative therapies to injured soldiers.

The University of Pittsburgh is a leader in medical R&D and serving the needs of our military. Investment in Pitt medical research has improved the lives of military service members and their families.

Center Highlights

Veterans Benefits
On March 5, CMMR Executive Director Ron Poropatich—together with VFW National Commander William Thein and John Biedrzycki, the VFW’s junior vice commander in chief—testified before the U.S. Senate Joint Committee on Veteran Affairs about the disability claims... View »
A Shoutout From the First Lady
First Lady Michelle Obama gave Pitt and CMMR a shoutout in January 2012 in connection with the Joining Forces initiative that she and Jill Biden lead. Mrs. Obama cited Pitt as a school that’s helping to create a new generation of doctors, medical schools, and... View »
CMMR Opens Its Doors
CMMR officially opened its doors in June 2012 to promote research on medicine for wounded service members. “Every day is veteran’s day at CMMR,” said Executive Director Poropatich.
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Defense Department Grants
During a CMMR-sponsored Veterans Day symposium at Soldiers... View »
Serving Wounded Warriors
CMMR Executive Director Ron Poropatich presented a briefing to the center's Board of Visitors in May 2013. Titled “Serving the Needs of Wounded Warriors,” the briefing described Pitt R... View »