Current Projects

Numerous Pitt investigators have received federal funding for critical medical research that will directly improve the lives of our military service members, veterans, and their families.

Linking Investigations in Trauma and Emergency Services (LITES)

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CMMR actively facilitated the Linking Investigations in Trauma and Emergency Services (LITES) network. LITES is a Pitt-led, and DoD funded, effort to create a nationwide network of trauma systems and centers. The network will allow for extensive data collection and research to improve the trauma care for civillian and military personnel. This important national consortium, led by Pitt, could potentially receive up to $90M from the DoD over a 5 year period. 


TRAuma Care In a Rucksack (TRACIR)

TRACIR is a next generation trauma patient management iniative. TRACIR will provide the U.S. military with a portable, rapidly deployable, autonomous medical system that can dynamically provide robotically controlled critical care interventions to patients in remote and autere environments.

TRACIR will extend the "Golden Hour" and improve survivability on the battlefield. It is important to note that, in organizing the TRACIR team during the last thre years, CMMR has now included a tream led by academic partners from CMU, DoD partners, and industry partners. Funding will launch in late 2018/early 2019. 


TEAM-TBI: Targeted Evaluation, Action, and Monitoring of Traumatic Brain Injury

David Okonkwo, MD, PhD

Initiated on March 24, 2014 under the US Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC), “TEAM-TBI” is an innovative approach to TBI clinical trials that strives to evolve transformative diagnostic technology and treatment; improve metrics and provide rigorous tests of combinatorial self-help strategies; and lower cost and increase speed for delivery of these effective strategies. 

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