Outreach & Education

Education and community relations are a large piece of the CMMR puzzle.  Several examples of this type of work are listed below. 

  • The mission of Veterans Place is to end Veteran homelessness in the greater Pittsburgh regoin. They are organized to do this by focusin on assisting our vets in acquiring the necessary tools to effectively address real life challenges in order to become self-sufficient. In January of 2018, CMMR established an academic partnership with Veterans Place for a research collaboration that included 10 Emergency Medicine (EM) senior students to desgin internship projects. Through continued development of this internship program, CMMR will continue to work with Veterans Place to address the complex issues of homelessness. 

  • The CMMR has facilitated a first-ever partnership between Pitt's School of Medicine (SOM) and the Uniformed Services University (USU), located in Bethesda, MD. USU seeks to educate health professionals from military and non-military backgrounds and prepare them for careers in the Department of Defence and the United States Public Health Service. The two schools have joined together in a Research and Education Partnership Agreement that will aid in the educational and research opportunities of Pitt's School of Medicine, USU students, PhDs, and junior faculty by providing a mechanism whereby both parties can benefit from the synergies of staff expertise, medical science and technology equipment, and joint research efforts. The Pitt faculty liaison is Peter Rubin, MD, FACS, Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery, UPMC Endowed Professor of Plastic Surgery, and Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh. 

  • Since 2013, Ronald K. Poropatich has been a member of the board of the Military Affairs Council of Western Pennsylvania. The Military Affairs Council serves as a conduit for military-related issues in Western Pennsylvania by including board members who represent military, community, business, and political interests in the region. The purpose of the Military Affairs Council is to cherish the values of freedom and to pass on to future generations that freedom is not free and that its preservation is the responsibility and sacrifice of all citizens, and to inculcate respect and admiration for the dedicated men and women serving our country.